Biographies and error control history


Imagine you have been asked to introduce one of the following people, write an introduction that explains why they are famous and some interesting information about them.


Write a biography of one of the following people: what situation were they living in, what did they achieve, and what impact has that had on society?

A biography:

  • Gives an account of a person’s life
  • Start by introducing the person and what they achieved
  • Write about the significant events that happened in their lives
  • Write about the impact their work has had on other people
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Claude Shannon

Richard Hamming was one of the first people to come up with ideas for detecting and correcting errors on computers, and Claude Shannon developed these and related ideas so much that he became known as the "father of information theory". Both lived in the 20th century, but their ideas are used on every 21st century digital device to make it reliable and efficient. Below are the names of these and other people whose work in error detection and correction are key to modern digital devices. We've given some links to Wikipedia below to get you started, but make sure you look more widely than that.

Some people to research about are: