Error detection and correction

The world is a complicated and imperfect place, and errors can occur when digital information is stored or transmitted. Data stored on digital devices can be changed if there is a tiny fault in the hardware (and these occur regularly); and data being transmitted over networks can be messed up if there's a problem with the connection (which is bound to happen at some stage). This unit and lessons explores how digital devices detect and correct errors in data, and why sometimes computers can detect errors, but don’t have enough information to correct them.

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Ages 5 to 7 Programming challenges
In the teacher observations sections there may also be background notes on the big picture. There is no expectation that 5 to 7 year olds will need to know this, but if you are asked, you have the answer at your fingertips.
1 Parity magic for junior students No
Ages 8 to 10 Programming challenges
1 Parity magic Yes
2 Product code check digits Yes

Curriculum Integrations

Activity Curriculum Areas Prerequisite Lessons?
Quick card flip magic Mathematics: Numeracy Yes
What if? Literacy Yes
Biographies and error control history Literacy No
Instructional writing Literacy Yes
Word study activity Literacy Yes


The following resources are used in Error detection and correction lessons, and can be accessed here (and also on each lesson page).

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